Người yêu trong mộng của bạn trông như thế nào?

Tết đến rồi! Sắp gặp bố mẹ, họ hàng, bạn bè. Bạn chưa biết phải dắt ai về ra mắt? Thật ra là do bạn vẫn “Ế!!!”. Tìm người yêu tương lai ngay hôm nay kẻo muộn nhé!

1. Your gender?

  • a. I like boys.
  • b. Girls like me.

2. Could you tell me your age?

  • a. Not 18 yet.
  • b. 18 – 28.
  • c. 28 – 40.
  • d. Too old, but still single.

3. How old do you prefer your partner to be?

  • a. Older than me.
  • b. Younger than me.
  • c. Age in a relationship is not important to me.

4. Answer this question HONESTLY, how long have you been single?

  • a. A couple of months and I can’t stand that!
  • b. It’s been so long that I can’t even remember.
  • c. Since I was born.

5. Which word could perfectly describe your personality? (multiple choices, you can choose more than 1 answer)

  • a. Psycho (that’s why you’re still single, but don’t worry)
  • b. Charismatic (good at getting people’s attention)
  • c. Moody (the changes of weather are not as fast as your mood swings)
  • d. Frank (very direct and honest)
  • e. Pleasant (easy-going)

6. And what are you looking for in your future partner?

  • a. Sociable (make friends easily)
  • b. Upbeat (cheerful, positive attitude to life)
  • c. Industrious (very hard-working)
  • d. Smart-ass (and a little bit nerdy)
  • e. Artistic
  • f. Witty (funny and clever)

6. How about your red-flag? (it’s a big turn-off when you find out your partner has it)

  • a. Cheating.
  • b. Stupid.
  • c. Lazy.
  • d. Controlling.
  • e. Childish.
  • f. Short-tempered (get angry easily)
  • g. Rude.

6. If you have free time, you’d rather…

  • a. Hit the gym
  • b. Scroll down your Facebook’s feeds
  • c. Gossip
  • d. Read a book, watch a movie
  • e. Cook

7. What is the most important thing to you? 

  • a. Good looking people
  • b. Develop career
  • c. Spend time with family
  • d. Improve my self-image
  • e. Earn money