Bạn có thực sự đang nghiện điện thoại?

Vận dụng khả năng Tiếng Anh của bạn để trả lời một số câu hỏi vui để xem bạn hay nhỏ bạn thân cùng phòng ai mới thực sự là người nghiện điện thoại  nhiều hơn?

You are doing something by yourself, and you hear your cell phone ringing. It is not in the same room as you. What do you do?

  • a. Run to the other room to check it
  • b. Check it later when you are done doing what you are doing.
  • c. Depends if I'm in the mood to take calls/texts
  • d. I don't have a cell phone

How often your friends want to kill you because you did not pick up their phone?

  • a. Absolutely, never. I have my cell phone all day
  • b. Hmm...ten thousand times, I can not count it anymore
  • c. Sometimes

Where is your cell phone right now?

  • a. Oops, I forgot, I left it in the car
  • b. Right near me, I can touch it without having to go anywhere.
  • c. I don't know
  • d. I am using it to do the test now

You get a new job. On the first day you find out that you aren’t allowed to have your cell phone in the work building. What do you do?

  • a. Quit the job! that is a ridiculous rule!
  • b. No big deal, I'll just leave it in the car or home
  • c. Just sneak my phone into work on vibrate/silent
  • d. I don't have a cell phone so it doesn't matter

Do you usually use your phone whenever you are boring?

  • a. Do I what?
  • b. Yes, I have an unlimited plan.
  • c. I think I am going to have to get unlimited before I go broke.
  • d. How many times do I have to say I don't have a cell phone.

Do you keep your phone near you when you are sleeping?

  • a. Yes, I always scroll down facebook or chatting on my bed before going sleep
  • b. No.
  • c. I don't have a cell phone!
  • d. Only if I'm using the alarm clock that night.

What do you have your cell phone for?

  • a. Only for emergencies/for work.
  • b. Taking my selfie picture
  • c. Everything!
  • d. Chatting

You either have to live a week without your cell phone, or get a very painful shot at the doctor. What do you do?

  • a. Live without the cell phone.
  • b. I don't have a cell phone!
  • c. Get the painful shot.