Thử tài phá án, bạn có nên trở thành thám tử?

Bạn đã bao giờ muốn làm thám tử? Nếu bạn nghĩ mình có khả năng đó hãy cùng nhìn qua tình tiết vụ án và giải quyết tình huống gay go này nhé. Ai là người đã giết hại Dr. Grant nhỉ? Hmmm….

You phone rings on a Sunday Morning. “WE NEED YOU TO COME IN”, said the police chief, “There’s been a murder, detective!”

  • a. I'm on it, chief!
  • b. A murder?
  • c. Ew

On Saturday night, a rich businessman, Dr. Grant was killed in his mansion. There are 4 suspects – the wife, the maid, the cook, and Dr. Grant’s son, Timothy.

  • a. Ok
  • b. It was the maid!
  • c. Got it

Dr. Grant was found dead in the living room after dinner, lying in front of the couch with a book in his hands. There was no blood or wound found on his body.

  • a. He was beaten to death with the book!
  • b. No blood! How is he dead?
  • c. Hmm...

Next you question the butler. He was folding Dr.Grant’s laundry when he heard the Mrs. Grant’s scream. He ran downstairs to find Dr. Grant dead. He claims Mrs. Grant’s hair was wet.

  • a. Was it the butler?
  • b. I still think it was the wife.
  • c. The wife didn't do it.

Next, the cook. She was getting Timothy a snack, when the butler ran in and told her Mr. Grant was dead.

  • a. Poor Timothy.
  • b. The butler!
  • c. Hmm...

Now, the maid and Timothy. The maid said she was cleaning the kitchen. She gave you a small bottle of blue liquid, saying she found it while cleaning. Timothy said he was swimming in the family’s pool. You send the bottle to the lab to be tested.

  • a. The maid! It's always the maid!
  • b. I have no clue who it is.
  • c. Interesting...

The bottle came back from the lab. It was the poison. You also searched the house to find a knife in Timothy’s room, goggles beside the pool, a rag and broom in the kitchen.

  • a. I knew it!
  • b. Ah ha!
  • c. I know who it is!

The officers then ask you if you know who did it?

  • a. Yes. Um... No.
  • b. Now to think of it...
  • c. I know exactly who it is!

Now… Who did it?

  • a. Timothy stabbed his father!
  • b. The wife wanted the money!
  • c. The cook poisoned him!