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Working Location: Dist 3, Tan Binh Dis

We accept the fourth year students or fresh graduated students.If you are the person who capable of

  • Inspire another to learn English
  • Love to work in dynamic, active and friendly environment
  • Challenge to yourself


  • Welcome newcomers and follow new customers in first two weeks.
  • Supporting students to create a 100% English environment and maintaining the hygiene of ET.
  • Building and updating potential customer data from internal source to meet your target.
  • Looking for new ideas to approach potential customers as well as consulting the courses and services of ET.
  • Managing Class’s asset and supporting Foreigner teacher team.
  • Organizing outside activity to support, encourage students and follow up your students’ progress.
  • Helping students book and change classes, remind students of English Town’s regulations and informing students of any changes coming from English Town.
  • Creating/ hosting meaningful activities for students to add more values and create a unique environment for ET
  • Keeping track of existing students during their stay at English Town to build trust, affection from students.
  • Providing good care and deal with complaints from students to gain students’ understanding and sympathy of English Town’s policies.
  • Collecting students’ feedbacks and reporting to Student Manager for his/ her further action
  • Any other assigned duties, tasks by Direct Manager.


  • Work by shift
  • Hard working, good communication, honest, open, friendly, enthusiastic and learning attitude.
  • Able to work under pressure to meet target.
  • Able to convince and influence people.
  • Able to speak English well with both customers and colleagues at a conversational level all day.
  • Professional in dress, appearance as well as attitude.
  • Eager to meet new people.
  • Creative self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Self-motivated, disciplined and result- oriented.
  • Team work skill.


  • Basic salary with very good commission and attractive bonus team
  • Meal allowance
  • Full insurances according to Labor code.
  • 13rd, 14th month salary paid
  • Travelling
  • Bonus or gift on national holidays, birthday, marriage, new born…
  • Make friends with foreigners
  • Extensive training and development in both sales and soft skills
  • Active and dynamic environment

If you are completely confident in yourself, go ahead to send us your CV through this email as below or

Thank you for your interest in career opportunities at English Town.

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