Thứ Sáu, 20/07/2018

Position: Talented Vietnamese English Teacher 

Quantity: 2 part time (in the morning and in the afternoon)

Working Location: Dist 3, Tan Binh Dist


  • Preparing Lessons and organizing class how to attract students via methods, activities,…
  • Preparing classrooms, outline and home assignments
  • Evaluating homework of students and follow up your students’ progress
  • Recording and maintaining accurate student attendance records and grades.
  • Classroom management.
  • Creating a vibrant teaching atmosphere.
  • Creating attractive and meaningful outside activities for students
  • Other tasks by direct manager.

Job Requirement:

  • Graduate from FTU, RMIT or other universities/institutions majoring in English, or abroad students;
  • Excellent pronunciation, active and powerful style to “FIRE” students;
  • Having good connecting skill and willing to share
  • A dynamic, creative and professional approach with a passion for teaching and a commitment to real English education.
  • At least 03 year- experience
  • Professional in both dress, appearance as well as attitude
  • Presentation skill
  • Loves delivering excellent lectures
  • Self-motivated, disciplined and result- oriented
  • Ability to travel all branches around Ho Chi Minh city
  • Flexible work schedule


  • Work full time
  • Competitive salary
  • Full insurances according to Labor code.
  • 13rd month salary paid
  • Travelling with the company
  • Bonus or gift on national holidays, birthday, marriage, new born…
  • Very good career path

Thank you for your interest in career opportunities at English Town.

Contact: Mr Thien: 0903 369 606

Please send your application by email: thien.pnd@thanhphotienganh.vn

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